Charles Bradley: Soul of America OFFICIAL FILM TRAILER

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25 Responses to “Charles Bradley: Soul of America OFFICIAL FILM TRAILER”

  1. Cheryl Hollis Says:

    Just had the privilege of having Charles Bradley @ James Cabaret, NZ.
    Incredible! Inspiring, in an absolute league of his own…. I couldn’t hold
    back the tears. 

  2. Sarah P Says:

    Just saw CB last night in Singapore, he was so uplifting and inspiring.
    Keep it going man you are beautiful!

  3. Helen Nieuwenhuis Says:

    Just saw your film, awesome inspiration. What an entertainer and good man.
    God Bless you!

  4. Dan Robinson Says:

    This is the definition of a feel good story. It’s out on DVD this August.

  5. miguel taveira Says:

    Amazing soulful singer. One of my all time favorites.

  6. Jesse Powell Says:

    Just finished watching this documentary about Charles Bradley. If you ever
    get the chance to see him live, *GO!* He really is one of a kind, with a
    voice that grabs you and shakes you.

    He’s touring North America and Europe through the end of the year.

  7. Ben Davis Says:

    Full of soul and full of good feelings.

  8. Garreth Morgan Says:

    This is one move I really really want to watch. Looks like an amazing

  9. Javier L-C Says:

    Trailer oficial de “Charles Bradley: Soul of America” un documental sobre
    el increíble cantante de Soul Charles Bradley y su tortuosa historia, en el
    que a sus 62 años de edad, ve como su carrera musical por fin, le es
    reconocida. Un hermano asesinado, cuidado de su madre durante su niñez, mil
    situaciones caóticas, hasta que Daptone Records llama a su puerta.
    El documental se presentará durante el Festival SXSW en Austin, Texas, el
    próximo mes de marzo.

    This is the OFFICIAL TRAILER for the documentary feature “Charles Bradley:
    Soul of America”, which will have its world premiere at the SXSW Film
    Festival in March 2012. Charles’s story is one of the most amazing stories,
    losing a brother to murder, having to take care of his demanding and
    deteriorating mother, after literally knocking on the door at Daptone
    Charles Bradley: Soul of America will be debuting at the SXSW Film Festival
    in Austin next month

  10. Aurora Flores Says:

    Live your dream…

  11. Chris Thatcher Acting Studio Says:

    Your big break may not come right away.

  12. Mark Hamilton Says:

    Charles Bradley: Soul of America is now available for rent and purchase on
    iTunes and Amazon! The film will be playing special screenings in theaters
    around the country and you can bring it to a theater in your neighborhood
    via! Also available on DVD via Daptone Records on 8/6/2013. Thank
    you for supporting the film and Charles’ incredible message of love and

  13. PJ Portlock Says:

    can’t wait to see this!

  14. Julia Robertson Says:

    Never give up on your dreams. It may take a while to get there but if you
    really want it you’ll do it :) 

  15. Adam Dalton Says:

    Finally watched Charles Bradley Soul Of America on netflix! Amazing

  16. Grégory Jouvenne Says:

    Un film documentaire sur Charles Bradley.

  17. Nick Joslin Says:

    He earned it.

  18. goodshiite Says:

    Going to see him live tonight… OH YEAH, this is gonna be one of those
    Once-In-A-Lifetime Concert Events, I can FEEL it…

  19. InuvikPhil Says:

    This guy’s the real deal. When he says “whyyyyyy is it so hard” I got
    chills! damn!

  20. Delores Paul Says:

    What an amazing voice,reminds me of ol southern music <3 it

  21. LivingColourEnt Says:

    Vanaf 2 juli is de film te koop op DVD en te zien op vele VIdeo On Demand

  22. Alicia Patterson Says:


  23. Chelsea FilmFestival Says:

    the Chelsea Film Festival is proud to present to you “Charles Bradley: Soul
    Of America” Documentary, Still a few tickets available for Friday 10/25 at

  24. BrownCornelius000 Says:

    I have been hooked on his stuff for the past couple of weeks now.

  25. Ian Copeland Says:

    Brilliant! I am so glad he’s finally made it. Respect!