LONDON BOYS: “Sweet Soul Music” (Good audio quality!)

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| March 19th, 2014 | Posted in Soul |

25 Responses to “LONDON BOYS: “Sweet Soul Music” (Good audio quality!)”

  1. Mare Pallase Says:


  2. boyxdance Says:

    Great mix of soul and dance music!!!

  3. сергей бугаев Says:

    2 аудио кассеты.london boys.

  4. Justinas Ausenas Says:

    I love yuo

  5. ge sibee Says:

    its cool

  6. CheshireQueen1 Says:

    I’ll got them performing this on Jim’ll Fix It

  7. boyxdance Says:

    LONDON BOYS: “Sweet Soul Music” is a great mix of soul and dance music!!!

  8. shas1 Says:

    didnt know they did a verasion of this qwell aq vid of this , its good ,

  9. soundy67 Says:

    Thanks for putting this video on you tube,i have been dying to see it for
    years. I and some friends went to the video shoot in Jacobs studios behind
    Kings Cross station,we drove into the studio on Scooters and they used them
    in the background my ones the white Lambretta.We were there all day but
    they fed and watered us and the guys were all really cool.We also did the
    dancing an the background as the director wanted a R.S.G look to the
    vid.Shame they died they were nice blokes!

  10. mdcarlo Says:

    remember 1990’s..

  11. cantforgetyou Says:

    Where is Ralf-Rene Maue now? He was one of the best producers of the
    80’s/90’s. Together of course with Stock/Aitken/Waterman.

  12. 들판과하늘 Says:

    아 신난다

  13. OoweeTube Says:

    R.I.P. London Boys They made great music ;)

  14. georgebush911 Says:

    Wow that was hard to find. Thanks for putting this one up!

  15. delboy shepherd Says:

    I was on this Vid making a prat of myself, was ask to get some Mod extras
    for by Jimmy at Merc shop in Carnaby st! So thought they were a Mod band
    from Germany before I turned up! Still love the vid got a copy of it some
    years ago from the record co

  16. ewabydgoszcz Says:

    I love this song. I will always love the guys. In my mind forever. Ewka

  17. Radmen17 Says:

    Finally music for my ears!

  18. Dave Cook Says:

    Nice tune.Again nice to read that someone else got to meet the guys.Good to
    get a cameo too.Wish i,d had that chance.Class

  19. cantforgetyou Says:

    Yeah, I know that song. It’s really good. I want the c.d.single. But it’s
    very hard to find.

  20. justkuroe21 Says:

    I’ll love this song forever.

  21. darabos lászlo Says:


  22. Ced Humphries Says:

    Fabulous music!!

  23. jjyjerry Says:

    Thank U very much

  24. bee6kayed Says:


  25. kaleidodream Says:

    I wanna thank you so much for uploading this clip. This song is one of my
    ALL TIME faves and I never had a chance to see the clip UNTIL NOW so it is
    my first time and I have loved it. I agree, it is HARD to find this song on
    Cd-single. Thanks again.